What is Accounting?

Accountants help corporations, individuals and government organizations better understand expenses and receipts while simultaneously tracking and ensuring accountability of resources.

What do Accountants do in the Army?

While some accountants teach at USMA, the Army War College, etc., most serve at division and above in comptroller staff sections. Their specific task is to ensure that Army funds remain accounted for and are applied to their lawful purpose. Many ORSA positions are candidates for accountants as well as FA 36. Additional Army jobs are project management, acquisition, contracting, budget analysis, resource management, operations and systems management and analysis, and disbursing.

What kinds of Master's Degrees predominate in the field?

MBA (with specialties in Accounting, Finance, or Economics), MA in Mathematics- Statistics and Analysis, Systems Analysis

What kinds of professionals study in a typical accounting program?

In a typical program you will find employees of the financial management arm of major businesses as well as future Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) amongst others.

Top Accounting Programs for Army Officers

  • University of Texas - Austin, McCombs School of Business
  • University of Pennsylvania - Wharton School
  • University of Chicago - Booth School of Business
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Sloan School of Management
West Point faculty members have attended graduate school through the Army. As a result, they're familiar with most American universities and would be happy to advise you on this discipline as you consider your options. Feel free to give them a call at: (845)938-3458. When you do so, make sure to identify yourself as a CSP-GRADSO holder.

Researching Potential Schools

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