information technology

What is Information Technology?

Information Technologists practically apply the theoretical principles underlying IT to build usable information systems, solve complex problems, write programs that perform various tasks, make decisions, and advise others on the implications of employing a digital information system. Their profession incorporates elements of computer networking, network services, computer hardware, and complex systems analysis. Advances in Information Technology have directly contributed to the proliferation of cloud computing, distributed systems, communications networks, web and mobile applications, and database technologies.

What do Information Technologists do in the Army?

Information Technologists pursue operational assignments in all branches of the Army from Infantry to Signal. A number of these officers gravitate to functional areas, like Systems Automation (FA53) and enable the use of Information Technology worldwide.

What kinds of Master`s Degrees predominate in the field?

Information Technology, Information Technology Management, Information Systems, Management Information Systems

What kinds of professionals study in a typical Information Technology program?

Information Technologists work as Consultants, Project Managers, Programmers, Web Masters, Network and Systems Administrators, Security Analysts, and in various other technical and managerial careers.

Top Information Technology Programs for Army Officers

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Researching Potential Schools

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