Mechanical engineering

NOTE: Pursuing an advanced degree in Mechanical Engineering generally requires an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering or closely related discipline.

What is Mechanical/Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is one of the broadest of all engineering disciplines, traditionally encompassing three primary subfields: energy, mechanisms and machinery, and manufacturing. Although its primary purpose could be summarized as creating and improving machines to benefit mankind, this fundamental task engages the mechanical engineer in a vast array of fascinating specialty areas.

What do Mechanical Engineers do in the Army?

Mechanical engineers work in fields ranging from robotics to superconductivity, from centrifuges to artificial joints and limbs, from rocket propulsion systems to air conditioners. Almost everything sold on the market today has involved mechanical engineering, from its very conception and design to its production and marketing.

What kinds of Master's Degree disciplines are common in the field?

Thermal Sciences, Fluid Dynamics, Aerospace Engineering, Dynamic Systems and Controls, and Biomechanical Engineering.

Top Mechanical Engineering Programs for Army Officers:
West Point faculty members have attended graduate school through the Army. As a result, they`re familiar with most American universities and would be happy to advise you on this discipline as you consider your options. Feel free to give them a call at: (845) 938-4247 or (845) 938-2665. When you do so, make sure to identify yourself as a CSP-GRADSO holder.

Researching Potential Schools

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