Do you want to go to graduate school at some point in your military or civilian career? If your answer is YES, the Graduate School option under the CSP may be for you. The Graduate School option gives you the guaranteed right to attend ANY graduate school in the United States and study the discipline of your choice. Even more, since you'll be on active duty while you go to school, the Army will pay all of the cost AND continue to pay your active duty salary plus benefits. You can attend school for up to 24 months and this time will count towards your military retirement. The Graduate School option gives you the opportunity to increase your human capital, bring intellectual value back to the Army, and keep pace with your peers.

You can obtain this option by agreeing to spend three additional years on active duty consecutive with your commissioning ADSO.

The Graduate School Option (GRADSO) portion of the CSP program continues to be suspended since YG2014 pending officer corps reshaping efforts. The Army will continue to honor all GRADSO contracts for officers from YGs 2006-2013. The BRADSO and PADSO portions of CSP remain in effect.

After completing your commissioning ADSO plus the three year CSP ADSO for the Graduate School option, you will have served as a Company Commander, will have earned full Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits, and now have a guarantee from the Army that they will send you to the graduate program of your choice. Once you have served your commissioning and CSP ADSO you can elect not to go to graduate school and either stay in the Army or leave active duty. This option gives you the greatest flexibility in your career and allows you to chart your future course.

Bottom line: With the Graduate School option you will be guaranteed to attend a fully-funded graduate school program of your choice after company command should you choose to use it.

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