What is Systems Engineering?

Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary approach to solving complex problems through the development of integrated system solutions. It focuses on defining customer needs and documenting requirements early in the development cycle then proceeding with designing, validating and implementing innovative solutions while considering both the business and the technical needs of all stakeholders. Systems engineers lead a team effort that integrates various disciplines through a structured development process that begins with an initial concept and leads ultimately to system production and successful operation.

What do Systems Engineers do in the Army?

While some systems engineers teach at USMA, the Naval Postgraduate School, etc., most serve at division and above level units and organizations. They work in the areas of acquisition, material testing, analysis of operations, and strategic campaign design and assessment. Additional Army jobs are project management, budget analysis, resource management, and operations and systems management and analysis,.

What kinds of Master's Degrees predominate in the field?

Systems Engineering, Systems Analysis , Industrial Engineering

What kinds of professionals study in a typical systems engineering program?

In a typical program you will find considerable diversity, including employees of large defense and manufacturing firms, government personnel, and professionals in consulting and finance..

Top Systems Engineering Programs for Army Officers:

  • University of Virginia
  • George Mason University
  • Texas A&M
  • Naval Postgraduate School
  • University of Arizona
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Researching Potential Schools

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