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Whether you elect the Branch of Choice or Graduate School Program, there are slight differences to your commitment for those who branch Aviation. Additionally, Cadets awarded Aviation Branch cannot participate in the Post of Choice program due to the inability to project requirements beyond flight school.

Branch of Choice: Your BRADSO obligation runs consecutively with your flight school ADSO and your commitment will run out to about the 10 year point.

Graduate School Program: Only 20% of the Aviation Branch allocation for ROTC and West Point can receive the Graduate School Option. For example, if there are 100 ROTC Aviation slots, only 20 can receive the Graduate School Option. If you receive the Grad School option, the option costs you nothing because GrADSO runs concurrent with your flight school ADSO. Due to the flight school ADSO and timeline, you will be on active duty for about 7 years in order to fulfill the obligations incurred through flight training. Therefore, this option is virtually free for Aviation officers.

The Graduate School Option (GRADSO) portion of the CSP program continues to be suspended since YG2014 pending officer corps reshaping efforts. The Army will continue to honor all GRADSO contracts for officers from YGs 2006-2013. The BRADSO and PADSO portions of CSP remain in effect.

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Aviation Timeline
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